3550 Niles Road, Saint Joseph, Michigan 49085

(269) 429-5166

Welcome to the Church of Christ in Saint joseph Michigan

About Us


About US

What to expect when you visit us:

We are a non-denominational church located in Saint Joseph, Michigan. We are a Christ-centered and Bible-based people. We have individuals who have come out of many different religious and non-religious backgrounds who simply desire to follow after Jesus and enjoy His fellowship with one another. 

What to expect when you visit us:

  • A warm and sincere welcome 
  • An assembly with singing (voice, but no instruments), preaching, communion, and offering (visitor participation not expected) 
  • Informal adult Bible classes with a discussion/sharing format

There are no reserved seats; you may sit anywhere you wish.


More About us

 St. Joe is a place where people can feel comfortable. It doesn't matter if you've attended church for a long time, or if you've never attended church at all. We try our best to make people feel welcome, and do our best to make our church services and bible classes reflect that. We are here to assist you spiritually and will be thrilled to share God's word with you.

Friendly people, sincere worship, and challenging messages combine with a warm environment to make the St. Joe church a place people will enjoy coming to. We're all about relationships with God and with people. Through our relationships with each other, we strive to support and care for people. Through our relationship with God, we strive to enjoy true life. Life as God intended! 


a note to our visitors

We are always happy to have visitors in the services of the Church of Christ in St. Joseph! We consider our visitors to be our honored guests. Please allow us to welcome you and invite you to attend our services whenever you have opportunity.